What are the Advantages of Biofuel?

What are the Advantages of Biofuel?

Converted from biomass (plant or animal matter), biofuel is a unique renewable energy source that can be converted to liquid fuel form. There are numerous advantages of biofuel in contrast with fossil fuels since it serves as a renewable and clean energy alternative for transportation fuel needs.

Advantages of Biofuel

Efficient Fuel

Biofuel is a liquid renewable energy source that is obtained through plant and animal matter, also known as biomass. It is a clean and efficient alternative for transportation fuel and fossil fuels, with better qualities for lubrication in engines.


Although gasoline and biofuels have similar market costs now, in the long run biofuels serve as a more sustainable fuel for vehicles. With rising greenhouse gases, more attention is brought to renewable energy resources like biofuel to combat global warming, and has the potential to completely replace gasoline altogether if called for.

Easy to Source

Bioenergy, or biofuel, is derived from any organic material on Earth and proves to be a versatile form of clean energy, specifically for transportation fuel. Organic materials like plant and animal oils and fats and algae are all used to manufacture biofuel, and serve as sustainable replacements for gasoline and jet fuel, which is among one of the primary advantages of biofuel.

Reduce Dependence on Crude Oil

With crude oil prices skyrocketing, biofuel serves as an easy-to-source form of energy that can eliminate dependence on foreign oil. Also, lack of dependence on gasoline and crude oil would result in a smaller environmental footprint.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

In comparison to fossil fuels which contribute large amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and worsens global warming, biofuel acts as a clean alternative with significantly less output of greenhouse gases.

Through the use of biofuel over fossil fuels and gasoline, the environmental footprint of production plants would decrease, thereby creating a more sustainable system for the impact of humans on the earth and its resources.

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