Preventing excess material waste during awning production with MEK

Preventing excess material waste during awning production with MEK

Because of growing concerns about the environment and pollution, more industries are beginning to address the issue of excess waste. They are also considering reducing their environmental impact. Industries like awning manufacturing are no exception. They are actively finding alternative ways to reduce excess waste.   

What are ways that excess waste can be prevented?   

One way is through using special industrial solvents like methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). MEK is used as a plastic welding and curing agent in plastic industries.   

On top of being able to effectively dissolve various plastics and bond them together, MEK is special because it is fully reusable. Solvent waste can be put through special devices that filter and clean the waste, leaving behind purified MEK that is available to use again.   

This solvent can also be used to dissolve excess adhesives, paints, or resins, making them usable and saving excess materials from being discarded.  

What are the benefits of reusing MEK?   

  • Save costs – Reusing solvents will result in decreased costs towards purchasing more solvents. Because MEK is a hazardous solvent, it is expensive to merely dispose of, so recycling it will also diminish disposal costs.   
  • Reduce pollution – Maximizing sustainability and waste prevention can result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.   
  • Save time – By recycling and reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of your business will save more time.   

What is another way to prevent excess waste during awning production?   

Another way to prevent excess waste is to utilize specific awning fabrics and recycle them. For example, this fabric’s canvas material can be recycled in many different ways. The canvas can be broken down and threaded into new materials, such as clothing or even a new awning fabric.   

Old canvas material can be sent to other facilities or companies that repurpose the fabrics and produce clothes, bags, or items.   

Interested in reusable solvents like MEK?  

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