Basic Functions Of Hexane

Basic Functions Of Hexane

Hexane is a chemical used in various industrial and commercial settings. It was likely used to produce something you use. You may even have a product containing the substance in your arts and crafts drawer.

Despite the popularity of the chemical, most consumers don’t know a lot about it. Keep reading to learn more!

Hexane: An overview of functions

Hexane is a popular chemical due to its low boiling point, surface tension, flashpoint, and solubility. It is often mixed with other solvents to create custom compounds.

It is commonly found in consumer products like gasoline, paint thinner, and glue. In industrial settings, it is used as a cleaning agent in the automotive, printing, textile, and shoe-making industries. The military and aerospace industries also utilize the chemical as a solvent and cleaning agent.

Hexane in extraction

Hexane is also a go-to solvent for edible oil extraction, particularly for soybeans. Chemical plant oil extraction is better for the environment than the press method of extraction and also more effective.

Chemical extraction involves cleaning and pressing to increase the surface area of the plant material. The solvent is then applied to strip the oil from the material. Hexane is preferred over its counterpart cyclohexane because it is easier to separate it from the oil with a traditional methanol rinse.

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