Benefits of Using Solvent-Based Inks For Printing

Benefits of Using Solvent-Based Inks For Printing

Background of Printing

From the pens you use to the words written on the page of a newspaper article, ink is essential to the development of the written word. Ink is what also allows you to reach and engage an audience with color selection, formatting, and other literary techniques.

Ink Basics

Printer ink consists of pigment and a liquid or substance that carries that color pigment from a powder form to one that can be used for color. Some examples of the uses of printer ink are shopping bags, paper for commercial printing, and many other things.

Solvent-Based Inks

There are tons of benefits of using inks that are solvent-based vs. water-based. Here are a few of these benefits:

  • Prints well on most things
  • Strength of color
  • Boldness of color
  • Evaporation
  • Dries faster
  • Waterproof

Most importantly, solvent-based inks last longer on surfaces. This is important when it comes to printing things on a larger scale. For example, the signs on a road are a good candidate for solvent-based inks because they are going to be subjected to weather conditions. This type of ink ensures that your print lasts long which in the end will also minimize costs. Another benefit of this type of ink is that there is an evaporation rate in the drying process that is much quicker than the typical water-based ink. The drying process is a key part of the commercial printing industry. If the drying process is too long, the colors may not come out as bold. In addition, this quick evaporation is beneficial because it saves energy due to less drying time.

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