Can I Use Acetone to Clean Circuit Boards

Can I Use Acetone to Clean Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are incredibly fragile parts of computers. A computer is not a computer without one, so it’s understandable to want to handle the one you have with the utmost care, even more so to avoid the cost of replacing it. Having a good cleaning method for your PC is essential to keep it performing at its best.  

Sometimes figuring out what method is best for you is hard to pinpoint so asking around about what will and won’t work is common. A common cleaning agent that is often asked about when it comes to computers is acetone. 

Could I Use Acetone? 

Short answer: yes, you can use acetone. Though you should take caution when using it. 

Make sure you are using it as pure as possible, don’t use something like nail polish because other additives in that mixture can damage your board instead of helping to clean it. Take extreme caution even when using a pure, undiluted form, however, as it is incredibly strong and while efficient for cleaning you should not leave your printed circuit board exposed to it for extended periods of time nor use it every single time you clean. 

It is such a strong chemical that it is best to reserve it for only occasional cleaning when there is some truly hard to get rid of corrosion or grime on your board, or as a last case scenario for your cleaning when no other option works. It is always better to be cautious.

Looking For What You Need? 

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