Disadvantages Of Chemical Recycling

Disadvantages Of Chemical Recycling

The disadvantages of chemical recycling or advanced recycling may come as a surprise, considering recycling is meant to be a process that is beneficial for the environment—not potentially hindering some. It allows for considerable trash to be reformed and up-cycled into other forms or materials, providing sustainability and longevity. There is a debate between whether chemical recycling is a beneficial process or one that causes more harm in regard to the uses of plastic decomposition.

What is Chemical Recycling?

Chemical recycling is a relatively new process that is meant to utilize advanced technologies. It competes against an older method called mechanical recycling which is a process that varies considerably. Although it does compete against such a familiar technique, that does not mean it doesn’t have its own disadvantages.

What are the Disadvantages of Chemical Recycling?

Ironically enough, most of the disadvantages are from the impact the technique has on the environment. While, there are arguments stating that waste would be reduced and reused, it does not limit plastic waste or the toxins being released.

When debating between other recycling techniques, the pros and cons can outweigh one another.

  • Toxic chemicals are released during this process due to heating processes.
  • Can increase carbon footprint and climate risk.
  • Releases CO2
  • While an advanced process, it can cause more harm than good due to providing more waste rather than getting rid of it.
  • Creates a sense of urgency for plastic rather than eliminating it altogether
  • Creates an urgent need for funding and support for this newer technology

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