What Is Chemical Recycling Of Plastics?

What Is Chemical Recycling Of Plastics?

The chemical recycling or advanced recycling process consists of using advanced technologies to revamp or revive plastics so that they are able to take on other forms. This method of recycling undergoes different steps to break down recycled plastics into other authentic plastics, fuels, or additional chemicals. There is also the ability to upcycle plastics with the same properties.

This new, innovative, plastic reusing method consists of several types and varies from an older method of recycling called mechanical recycling, which is more labor-intensive. Chemical Recycling is meant to cater to plastic waste.

What does Chemical Recycling of Plastic Look Like?

It is no surprise that the use of chemicals is involved in this process! Advanced Recycling involves the collection of plastic, sorting of plastic, and other processes involving heat that allows any of the three types of chemical recycling to create fuel or other raw materials.

Why is Chemical Recycling Interesting?

  • This innovative technique could be a way to reduce hard plastics from pilling up in landfills.
  • This could offer new streams of commerce and revenue.
  • It could lead to additional plastic recycling and elimination of wrongfully placed wastage.
  • Moves the industry, a step towards additional technological based processes.
  • Utilizes solvents and other chemicals (which we offer) in the process.
  • Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages provides insight on the progression to recycling.

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