Mechanical vs Chemical Recycling

Mechanical vs Chemical Recycling

When investigating the differences between mechanical and chemical recycling, it is important to determine the properties of each. After analyzing the properties of each method, one can see that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

There’s a difference between mechanical and chemical recycling?

Of course, there is! With chemical recycling being a developing technique, it is important to keep in mind that new information and studies are occurring constantly. There are debates about the methods in which are better for the industry and the environment itself. When deciding which method you’d undergo do recycle plastic waste, it is key that you have some sort of understanding on why and how the processes work.

Chemical Recycling

  • Needs more energy
  • Produces more CO2 emissions
  • Relies on acid and solvents to dissolve plastic
  • Could produce less waste than mechanical recycling
  • Cheaper
  • Is a new method
  • Can recycle several plastics, even those that aren’t usually recyclable
  • Created to enhance sustainability
  • Uses advanced technological techniques
  • A chemical process
  • Can release harmful chemicals into the environment
  • Can produce high-quality plastics

Mechanical Recycling

  • Shreds plastic waste
  • Costly
  • Dated method
  • Doesn’t use toxic chemicals in the process
  • Recyclable plastic
  • A physical process
  • Involves heavy labor
  • Well-known plastic recycling process/method
  • Produces lower quality plastics

What is the Purpose of These Recycling Techniques?

Recycling allows your business to be sustainable. Not only that, the impact it has on the environment is drastic! There is no doubt that you should do it—the question is which practice is best for your needs and the environment?

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