Essential Eco-Friendly Chemicals For Businesses

Essential Eco-Friendly Chemicals For Businesses

The state of the Earth is a rising concern for businesses, and for good reason. However, many chemical companies have moved towards marketing products as eco-friendly without disclosing the chemicals used.

This strategy gives them the ability to charge prices that may be higher than competitors offering bulk substances and makes it challenging to understand which chemicals are eco-friendly.

Here at Bulk Chemicals, 2 Go, we always ensure to list our chemicals by name and specify their usage, safety guidelines, and benefits.

Read this blog post to learn more about why eco-friendly solutions matter and receive recommendations for better-performing substances.

What Makes a Chemical Eco-friendly?

First, let’s explain what makes a product harmful to the environment.

Chemicals inevitably enter the land, water, or air even when we take steps to prevent it. For this reason, businesses must shift towards using safe, Earth-focused chemicals.

Here are some characteristics of environmentally hazardous substances:

  • Not biodegradable
  • Cause sickness in humans and animals, including respiratory issues and cancer
  • Deconstruct and endanger ecosystems
  • Contribute to air pollution, including damage to the Ozone layer

The EPA categorizes chemicals that easily dissolve into water or vaporize as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These substances are not eco-friendly because they

A significant amount of harm to the environment comes from substances that do not biodegrade. As a result, companies are moving towards chemicals that allow them to practice a zero-waste policy.

Alternatives to Harmful Substances

At Bulk Chemicals 2 Go, we offer a variety of surfactants, commodities, and pressroom chemicals. We’ve provided a few highlights below.


  • Is VOC exempt
    • It does harm the environment despite easily vaporizing and dissolving
  • Has even been used to help marine life when oil spills occur

Glycol Ether EB:

  • Has a slow evaporation rate
  • Is bridgeable

Surfactant 91-6:

  • Is made with low toxicity
    • Performs better than more toxic surfactants
  • Is stable, not highly reactive

We also can create a custom blend of substances to best fit business needs, making finding an eco-friendly solution even more cooperative.

Need Eco-friendly Safe Chemicals?

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