How Is Ethylene Glycol Used In Automobile Antifreeze?

How Is Ethylene Glycol Used In Automobile Antifreeze?

How Is Ethylene Glycol Used In Automobile Antifreeze? 

Ethylene glycol, despite having great toxicity, is sought after by many industries. From its diverse makeup, it can be applied to create an abundance of products. One of these products, and the one it is most known for, is antifreeze. This composition is used for this product due to how it alters the freezing and boiling points of the water. 

How It Alters 

This chemical can alter the temperatures of the water through the elements that create its structure.  

Through the polar O-H groups it possesses, the alcoholic liquid contains both partial charges. It possesses a negative charge in oxygen and a positive charge in hydrogen. From these opposing charges, the molecules inside of this chemical are attracted to one another. This not only makes it very difficult to separate these molecules but contributes to the elevation of the liquid’s boiling point.  

However, this elevation of the boiling point comes with an opposing effect.  

While the boiling point is notably high, especially when compared to similar chemicals, the freezing point is lowered. The lowering of this point allows for the antifreeze to do its task efficiently and very swiftly.  

What More Can It Do? 

Although ethylene glycol is used to create antifreeze, this is not the extent of its ability. In addition to improving a motor vehicle’s engine, it can result in the creation of the following: 

  • Solvents For Paints 
  • Polyesters 
  • Plastics 
  • Films 
  • Printing Inks 
  • Ballpoint Pens 
  • Synthetic Waxes 

Though the list stops here, there is much more that this chemical can supply! 

However, it is of great importance to warn you of the negatives that it can have. If exposed to this chemical, you can be in danger of several health risks- some even proving fatal. 

If you work with this chemical, we advise you to proceed with caution and if you show signs of exposure, to seek medical help immediately. 

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