How Is Ethylene Glycol Used In Wastewater Treatment?

How Is Ethylene Glycol Used In Wastewater Treatment?

Ethylene glycol is a versatile type of alcohol applied by an abundance of industries. It is from this toxic liquid’s internal makeup that it can be used for a variety of applications. One of these applications is wastewater treatment. This chemical is utilized in this particular treatment through its removal with the aid of oxidation.  

Ethylene Glycol Basics  

Before we delve into how oxidation instills this chemical’s place in this process, you must first know a little more about the chemical in question. This toxic liquid can be referred to by three other names. These names are:   

  • 1,2-Ethanediol  
  • 1,2 Dihydroxyethane   
  • Glycol  

This chemical often presents itself with a lack of color but can take on a fluorescent yellow-greenish coloring. This coloring only occurs when it is applied to create antifreeze for various motor vehicles. In contrast to its toxicity, if consumed- the chemical possesses a rather sweet taste.  

Some other products besides antifreeze that the sweet composition can produce are:  

  • Ballpoint Pens  
  • Printing Inks  
  • Films  
  • Paint Solvents  
  • Plastics  
  • Polyesters  

What Oxidation Does  

When 1,2 Ethanediol is present in wastewater treatment, advanced oxidation is required to separate the two. This advanced oxidation is often regarded as ozonation, a type of oxidation that utilizes ozone to remove harmful elements from water. Studies have found that ozone is for this type of treatment and can be performed with either high or low levels of concentration.  

However, it should be noted that glycol can cause great harm if consumed with water. Consuming 1,2 Ethanediol can lead to several side effects. These can include some of the following:  

  • Damage To The Central Nervous System  
  • Damage To Both Kidneys  
  • Damage To The Heart  
  • Compromised Blood Pressure  
  • Headaches  
  • Vomiting  

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