Examples Of Flexo Printing Ink Types 

Examples Of Flexo Printing Ink Types 

Flexo printing, also known as Flexographic printing, is an efficient and proper method to produce words and images. Throughout the decades this method has prospered and has brought much profit to the industries that utilize it. However, the method does not revolve around a sole type of ink. Some examples of the ink types that can be used are: 

  • Solvent Based  
  • Oil Based  
  • Water Based 
  • Ultraviolet (UV)/Election Beam 

What Makes This Method  

Before we can discuss the inks and what they create, you must understand what makes this method of printing so sought after and applied.  

This process is made to be swift and flexible, utilizing a flexible printing plate over an ordinary one. This allows for it to produce results it could not have before and to produce them faster. Its speed is so well regarded in fact, that the process is stated to be ideal for long printing ones. 

From these features and their progression throughout time, it can adapt to some of the following materials: 

  • Metal 
  • Plastic 
  • Paper 

Solvent Based 

The solvent-based ink is made up primarily of various alcohols but it contains pigments and several acetates as well. It is mostly used for the creation of plastic shopping bags and industrial films. And comes with the feature of having a low surface tension. 

Oil Based 

Oil-based ink is often made up of various hydrocarbons and pigments. However, these can sometimes be met with an addition of soy oil and mineral oil. This base is given its popularity in the publication printing industry and is its most notable feature. 

Water Based 

Water-based is composed primarily of water and pigment. However, defoamers and agents can be added to aid in the drying of the ink. This base is most popular in the corrugated packing industry. It possesses a high surface tension and works well with an elastomer type.  

Ultraviolet (UV)/Electron Beam 

Ultraviolet/Electron Beam is composed of the following: 

  • Pigments 
  • Monomers 
  • Prepolymers 
  • Photoinitiators  

This base is popular in the food packing industry and is notable for its high viscosity.  

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