Can You Find Glycol In Wastewater?

Can You Find Glycol In Wastewater?

Can You Find Glycol In Wastewater? 

Glycol (1,2-Ethanediol) is a clear and often colorless viscous liquid used to develop a variety of products. It is because of the diversity it displays, that it is sought after by many industries. However, this high and effective usage can result in finding this substance in some places where it should not be. Most commonly you can find traces of glycol in wastewater. 

The combination of 1,2 Ethanediol and this kind of water can bring about a series of terrible results. From both of their toxic natures, they are not only unsafe to consume but can result in some of these several health complications: 

  • Skin Irritation 
  • Eye Damage 
  • Brain Damage 
  • Severe Complications In The Kidneys 
  • Blackouts 
  • Vomiting  
  • Headaches 
  • Compromised Blood Pressure 

What does glycol in wastewater look like? 

Water that is contaminated with this substance cannot be told apart from the water that is safe to consume. This makes exposure much harder to avoid and even more likely to increase. It is important to know the few signs to tell the two apart and to educate yourself on how to rid this toxin from your water supply.  

This alcoholic composition, as much good as it brings about, also comes with its share of negatives. So, we give a friendly reminder to proceed with caution when handling this versatile liquid. 

What does glycol do? 

This often colorless and syrupy liquid, despite its toxicity, can be used for an abundance of products. The most popular of these is automotive antifreeze, which helps improve many types of vehicles. 

Some other results that this substance can bring about include but are not limited to: 

  • Polyesters 
  • Plastics 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Films 
  • Ballpoint Pens 
  • Solvents  
  • Explosives 
  • Printing Inks 

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