How Does A Solvent Evaporate?

How Does A Solvent Evaporate?

How does a solvent evaporate? Well, there are a few ways in which that can happen. The most common evaporation methods require a high boiling point or a low-pressure vacuum to extract the solvent from the solution. This article will go into depth about the different methods of chemical compound evaporation and how to choose the best method for your extraction goals.

How to Make a Solvent Evaporate

Before we discuss the most popular evaporation methods, it’s important to note that some processes are preferable to others depending on…

  • The tools the scientist has on hand
  • How much of the chemical compound needs to be removed
  • The volume of the chemical compound in the solution

Based on these three points, there are a few different evaporation methods you can try:

  1. Rotary

This approach requires several laboratory equipment and tools. However, it is also one of the most effective and safest ways to extract chemical compounds. The machine vacuums the solvent from the solution and stores it in a small collection flask for easy and safe disposal.

  1. Open-dish

This method is the simplest. It only requires that you place the solution on top of a hot plate and let the solvent boil out. The only issue with this approach is if the chemical is hazardous, then boiling it out without proper ventilation will create poor air quality and raises numerous health concerns.

  1. Reduced-Pressure

This process requires a variety of laboratory tools, the most important being a vacuum tube and system. Connect the tube to the closed flask with the solution, and simply turn on the vacuum system to make the solvent evaporate. This method requires lower evaporation temperatures than the others.

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