Best Cleaners for Industrial Boiler Cleaning 

Best Cleaners for Industrial Boiler Cleaning 

Interested in Cleaning Industrial Boilers? 

If you need to clean an industrial boiler, you may be looking for a cleaning agent to assist in this process. Cleaning solutions can be useful because they expel accumulations from the inside of the boiler, leaving it sparkling and spotless.  

Here at BulkChemicals2Go, we proudly offer several cleaners that are fantastic for industrial boiler cleaning. Keep reading to learn about three of our industrial boiler cleaning agents!  

BulkChemicals2Go’s Industrial Boiler Cleaning Agents 

1. Boiler Wash 

First up on our list of industrial boiler cleaning solutions is Boiler Wash. Boiler Wash is an alkaline solution that primarily contains potassium hydroxide, 2-butoxyethanol, and disodium trioxosilicate.  

Boiler Wash can be utilized in boilers as well as closed loops, towers, and heat exchange tubes. It effectively removes rust, oil, grease, scale, and corrosion.  

For those looking for an all-purpose industrial boiler cleaning product, Boiler Wash is a great option!  

2. Boiler Guard 

Like Boiler Wash, Boiler Guard is also an alkaline solution. Its main ingredients are sodium hydroxide and diethyl ethanolamine.  

Boiler Guard not only eliminates scale and corrosion from steam boilers but also prevents them from developing. It has this beneficial feature due to its oxygen scavenging properties: Boiler Guard is capable of binding free oxygen, which in turn inhibits scale and corrosion. Another valuable characteristic of Boiler Guard is that, unlike some industrial boiler cleaning solutions, it is non-flammable.  

3. Quick Descaler 

Finally, Quick Descaler is another product that can be used for industrial boiler cleaning and descaling. Quick Descaler is an acidic solution that mainly consists of sodium hydroxide.  

Quick Descaler doesn’t only efficiently clean and descale boilers, but also heat exchangers, ice plants, cooling towers, and evaporators. Companies that work with these various kinds of equipment will benefit from Quick Descaler, as it prevents the need to purchase multiple different cleaning products.  

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