Best Examples of Inorganic Chemicals and Their Uses 

Best Examples of Inorganic Chemicals and Their Uses 

Have you ever wondered about the type of chemicals minerals are classified as? Minerals are considered inorganic chemicals, which are compounds without the element carbon. On the other hand, organic chemicals are compounds that contain the element carbon in their chemical composition.  

Inorganic chemicals are more than just minerals. This class of chemicals also includes metals and organometallic compounds. These compounds typically have high melting points along with electric conductivity levels that can be either high or low. These properties enable these compounds to have very specific uses.  

Some common inorganic chemicals examples are as follows: 

  • Ammonia  
  • Chlorine  
  • Titanium Dioxide 
  • Silver 
  • Mercury 


The list of inorganic chemicals examples is in no way extensive. Out of the chemicals listed, ammonia is one that is quite important. You might wonder why. This is because many products commonly used in the modern world require ammonia. 

Some of the ways in which ammonia is used today are as follows: 

  • Plastics 
  • Nylons 
  • Fibers 
  • Jet fuels 
  • Explosives  

Ammonia is a major component in the production of these products.  


Everyone knows chlorine, at least in the context of pools, where it is used for a type of water treatment. What you might not know is that chlorine is important for the production of agrochemicals, polyvinyl chloride, and pharmaceuticals.  

To go further into depth, agrochemicals are chemicals used in agriculture, such as soil treatment, fertilizers, and insecticides. Polyvinyl chloride, on the other hand, is used for products such as furniture and clothing, which is a very small sample of the various ways polyvinyl chloride is used.  

Titanium Dioxide 

The last of the inorganic chemical examples that we will go over is titanium dioxide, which is the most interesting of the examples mentioned. This chemical is used as a white pigment for various products ranging from paint and paper to food and cosmetics. However, the interesting quality is yet to be mentioned.  

The property of titanium dioxide that makes it intriguing is the fact that it has good resistance to ultraviolet light. 

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