Is Acetone Safe for Cleaning PCB?

Is Acetone Safe for Cleaning PCB?

While it may be easy to reach for whatever common cleaning solutions you have at home, it’s important to know that not all chemical solutions are created equal when it comes to cleaning printed circuit boards (PCB). Acetone may be one of the solutions you have in stock, but it should not be the first one you grab when cleaning PCB. The added electrical component of this surface requires more care than when cleaning a non-electrical surface and needs a more specialized solvent. In this blog post, we’ll discuss if acetone is safe for cleaning PCB, and where you can buy solvents for specific cleaning purposes. 

Understanding Acetone 

Acetone has several benefits that everyday people and professionals choose to use it for. Here are the characteristics of this solvent, and some of the most common ways it is utilized: 

  • Also known as Propanone 
  • A colorless solvent 
  • Flammable 
  • Destroys plastic 
  • Used to dissolve and break down substances: 
  • Great for removing gum  
  • Great for removing nail polish and other paints

Is Acetone Safe for Cleaning PCB?

Since acetone is great for dissolving and removing materials, one would think it’d be great at removing flux residue from electrical boards, but it’s actually not.  

Why? Because printing circuit boards are not only made up of electrical components but also metals and plastics that help hold everything together. Acetone is characteristically known to eat away at plastic materials. Most electrical boards have plastic in them in one form or another. If this solvent were to come in contact with the electrical board, it would destroy the plastic components and cause irreversible damage to the device. 

What Can I Clean My PCB With?  

While acetone isn’t a great solvent to use on PCB, isopropyl alcohol, otherwise known as rubbing alcohol, is a great option. This solution is compatible with plastics and won’t cause damage to the PCB if applied correctly. 

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