Is Biofuel Considered Clean Energy?

Is Biofuel Considered Clean Energy?

Converted from biomass (plant or animal matter), biofuel is a unique renewable energy source that can be converted to liquid fuel form. In contrast with fossil fuels, biofuel serves as a renewable and clean energy alternative for transportation fuel needs.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuel is a liquid renewable energy source that is obtained through plant and animal matter, also known as biomass. It is a clean alternative for transportation fuel and fossil fuels.

What is Clean Energy?

Clean energy takes advantage of the plentiful renewable energy sources on Earth like solar, wind, water and in particular bioenergy, to provide an alternative to environmentally damaging fossil fuels and coal.

Biofuel as a Clean Replacement for Gasoline

Bioenergy, or biofuel, is derived from any organic material on Earth and proves to be a versatile form of clean energy, specifically for transportation fuel. Organic materials like plant and animal oils and fats and algae are all used to manufacture biofuel, and serve as sustainable replacements for gasoline and jet fuel.

Through the use of biofuel over fossil fuels and gasoline, the environmental footprint of production plants would decrease, thereby creating a more sustainable system for the impact of humans on the earth and its resources.

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