Is Ethylene An Example of Fine Chemicals?

Is Ethylene An Example of Fine Chemicals?

Chemicals are usually sorted into one of two categories when it comes to producing them. There are bulk chemicals that are your commodity chemicals, the ones that are mass-produced in order to satisfy a global market and constant demand for a variety of industries, and their high production ensures a low cost. On the other hand, fine chemicals are produced only in small quantities due to the time, resources, and process needed in order to make them. While used in a variety of industries and products like their bulk chemical counterpart, they are much more costly due to their production process and fewer companies produce them.

What is Ethylene?

An example of such a chemical would be Ethylene, a hydrocarbon, which is a key building block in the chemical industry. While it may not seem like much on the surface, this one chemical has a hand in the production of styrene, which makes up synthetic rubber in tires; ethylene oxide, which is antifreeze for airplane parts; ethylene dichloride, which becomes vinyl and can be used in things like clothing or medical products; and polyethylene, more commonly known as plastic, which is used for a broad spectrum of things. With this level of versatility, it is no surprise that Ethylene is as in demand as it is.

Why Bulk or Fine Chemicals?

Bulk or fine, all chemicals have important roles in not only our global market but in our everyday products. Every day we need these chemicals more and more as new products arise, and finding new methods of production among an ever-increasing demand is an ongoing practice the industry faces.

Looking for Fine Chemicals?

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