Isopar C Vs Isopar G

Isopar C Vs Isopar G

What are isopar fluids?

Isopar fluid is named after a synthetic isoparaffinic fluid. In biological terms, this molecule is a branched isomer of a straight-chain alkane. As a fluid, they are of the highest purity. As we move towards a more environmentally aware society, it is important to note that these molecules are also biodegradable. These molecules are not only biodegradable fluids but are also practically non-toxic (making them safer for use). Because of its low toxicity, this biochemical provides uses in many applications, from the chemical to the beauty industry.

Isopar C vs Isopar G

There are a few similarities between these molecules that make them isoparaffins. One big similarity between these chemicals is that they have solvent properties. Other similarities Include:

  •  little to no odor
  • viscosity range
  • suitable for non-polar ingredients
  • low boiling point
  • low volatility
  • flexible chemicals

The differences between these two isoparaffins are seen in their uses. For example, Isopar C has a suitability for non-polar ingredients and a narrow boiling range that makes it ideal for beauty products. One example of a product that uses this compound is heat protectants for your hair. The chemical properties of the C counterpart are also very stable and can extend the product shelf life of cosmetics. Isopar G attributes its uniform diffusion to its high evaporation rate. This makes the G counterpart a varnish oil that can be used to protect your products from environmental stress. This product is often utilized for coatings, aerosols, and other household products. It is also used in metal working when bending or restructuring metal to ensure there are no residual marks from this abrasive process.

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