Naphtha Vs Kerosene

Naphtha Vs Kerosene

What is Naphtha?

Molecularly, this molecule is referred to as a hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are important because they provide the energy required to sustain life. We can infer this from the fact that these elements make up most of the basic elements of all life on earth. A petroleum product called naphtha, which can be interchanged with crude oil, is usually referred to as the more volatile form of a petroleum-based product. Oil can be extracted from sedimentary rock in this more volatile form, called crude oil. As a result of the process of extraction, it is subsequently used in many different ways, such as gasoline, kerosene, and other fuels that are used to produce energy.

Properties of Naphtha

  • Volatile (easily evaporated) 
  • Fossil fuel (non-renewable) 
  • Ranges in color from black to yellow-clear 
  • Hydrocarbon mixture (consists of hydrogen and carbon molecules)  
  • Petroleum form  
  • High flammability

What is Kerosene?

If you were to take a camping trip, many of the things you use to heat your tent are made using kerosene. Hydrocarbons are also present in this fuel form. As a result of this waxy mixture of petroleum, kerosene is called “paraffin”. Paraffin is commonly known as a hydrocarbon that is similar to wax. As a hydrocarbon fuel, it is derived from petroleum, much like many other compounds derived from fossil fuels. One common use for this fuel is as a solvent, since it is a distillate of oil. It is a thin, clear liquid that is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons that have high boiling points. Among the primary uses of kerosene are heating oil, fuel for jet engines, and as a solvent for insecticide spraying

Invented by a physician in the 1800s, the mixture of kerosene and hydrocarbons is still in use today. A mixture of inflammable liquid was extracted from asphalt in order to create the mixture. However, it is important to note that asphalt can also be derived from coal. Below, you can find some of the properties that make this compound.

Properties of Kerosene

  • Odorless (room temp)
  • Liquid (room temp)
  • Clear color
  • Yellow color
  • Strong odor (when ignited)

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