MEK’s Role in Outdoor Product Manufacturing

MEK’s Role in Outdoor Product Manufacturing

Methyl ethyl ketone, also known as MEK, is a popular organic solvent with unique chemical properties that enable it to have a wide range of uses. These commercial and industrial applications can include but are not limited to:   

  • Cleaning agent  

Widely known for its strong degreasing abilities, MEK is a highly effective cleaning solvent and has been added to many cleaning products. It can be used to strip some of the following:  

  • adhesives  
  • coatings  
  • paint  
  • resins  
  • Paints, dyes, and adhesives   

Due to its slow evaporation, it is present in many paints and dyes, namely dry-erase markers. For adhesives, it is known to provide strong adhesion and durability.   

  • Plastic manufacturing   

This solvent can be used as a plastic welding agent. It can dissolve many types of plastics and bond them together. It also acts as a hardener for resins and rubbers, as well as a curing agent for plastics and fiberglass.   

  • Chemical intermediate   

MEK can be used to manufacture other types of chemicals.   

Why is MEK important in plastic manufacturing?   

As described above, the solvent is utilized in multiple ways in the manipulation and manufacturing of plastics. The creation of plastics is very important for outdoor manufacturing and any industry that is producing products that contain this creation.   

Some examples of outdoor products that MEK contributes to creating are:  

  • Awnings  
  • Fences  
  • Lawn furniture   
  • Window shutters   
  • Plastic sidings   

How safe is MEK?   

The organic chemical is also known for its volatile nature and flammability. It is because of this that great precautions need to be taken to prevent exposure to heat or ignition sources. It is also an irritant to several essential body parts. We encourage you to proceed with caution when handling this substance and to limit your exposure as much as possible. Most physical safety concerns can be prevented by abiding by exposure regulations and wearing protective gear.  

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