What Are Paraffins Used For?

What Are Paraffins Used For?

What are paraffins used for?

There are many different applications for paraffins, so they are used in many different ways. A hydrocarbon molecule is one that has both the elements hydrogen and carbon in it, so that is why it is categorized as a hydrocarbon. The great importance of this compound lies in its atomic composition, which is part of the building blocks of many forms of life. The use of paraffins is wide-ranging and can be broken down into two categories. Waxes are one category, and asphaltenes are another.


The commercial production of this type of paraffin took place in the late 1800s in a commercial setting. It occurred at a time when the first major petroleum discoveries were being made. Paraffin waxes tend to be colorless or white in appearance. By refining light lubricating oil stocks, this mixture is converted to a hard wax that can be obtained from petroleum. Among the many common uses of this wax are candles, wax paper, polishes, cosmetics, and electrical insulation. The ingredient is the basis of many medical ointments, waterproof coatings for wood, and perfumes with a botanical scent, to name a few.


These are molecular substances that can be found in crude oil. In short, crude oil is an unprocessed form of oil. A large amount of unprocessed oil can be found either by drilling on land or by drilling in the water. It is typically used in fuel injection systems and is heated under pressure so that it can be utilized as a fuel. There are a variety of types of these that can range from dark brown to black in color and are typically solid in shape. Regardless of the fact that this substance is most commonly used for fuel purposes, it is a substance that can be employed in a variety of materials.

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