Most Common Examples of Plant-Derived Chemicals 

Most Common Examples of Plant-Derived Chemicals 

Plants have been in existence long before humans have. As such, there is so much research to be done on plants all around the world to fully understand them and learn how to utilize them. Our ancestors have used plants for their medicinal quality, their color, and even their fragrance amongst other things. Today, we understand it’s certain chemicals in these plants that provide them with these specific qualities.  

Scientists, ancient and modern, have discovered ways to derive these chemicals from plants and simply called them plant-based chemicals. As the name itself describes, plant-derived chemicals are chemicals sourced from plants. These chemicals are renewable as plants are a renewable resource. They’re also eco-friendly due to their biodegradable nature.  

Medicinal Usage 

Have you ever had a cold and been suggested to drink ginger tea? Have you ever drunk it and found relief? Ginger is one of the plants that have been used by our ancestors for centuries for its medicinal quality. The use of plants to cure ailments is otherwise known as herbal medicine. 

More than curing small ailments of the day, some plants even possess anticancer properties. The drug called paclitaxel, derived from the yew tree, and Vinca alkaloids, derived from Madagascar periwinkle, are used in the treatment of cancer.  

Industrial Usage  

The industrial usage of plant-based chemicals is so vast that listing out all of them would be near impossible. Due to the increased importance of the environment, companies have found ways to use chemicals sourced from plants to create various products used by consumers.  

Some of the most common ways these chemicals are used in the industry are listed below: 

  • Biopesticides 
  • Food 
  • Candles 
  • Cosmetics 

Common Examples of Plant-Derived Chemicals 

Some of the most common plant-based chemicals are listed below: 

  • Vitamins 
  • Minerals  
  • Alkaloids  
  • Fragrances  
  • Essential oils  
  • Flavor  

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