What Are Ink Solvents?

What Are Ink Solvents?

When people begin to think of ink they just most likely assume that printer ink is printer ink and they leave it at that. But for other products besides just printing pictures or printing a homework assignment or paperwork off your computer, bigger companies need something more heavy-duty.

What Makes Up Ink Solvents?

Ink solvents are ink mixtures that contain a pigment, resin, and a solvent to dilute it and help disperse the pigment better and leave a better finish of the ink when dried. Ink solvents are used for many different kinds of industries and products such as:

  • Outdoor Furniture Decoration
  • Automotive Industry
  • Labels and Packaging
  • Bottles
  • Commercial Print
  • Plastics
  • Tech Industry (Membrane Switches)
  • Publication

The way that the ink solvent works help these certain products withstand the elements due to the way it helps pigments distribute on the surfaces it is printed on. The colors printed appear more bright and have better light refraction and our product can be fade-resistant for up to seven or eight years.

What Makes Solvent Ink Different?

What is different from Solvent ink from other kinds? Simple. Ink solvents require less ink, because they have more pigment, and therefore are better for the environment. There are some ink solvents that have ingredients such as ethyl but most eco-friendly and sustainable ink solvents contain n-propanol and n-propyl acetate, which makes it a Propyl blend, like our 80:20 Ink Solvent. Another difference between Solvent ink and others is that simply put it is NOT a water-based ink, which is why it makes it better to hold pigments and resist fading on objects that are outside.

The first main ingredient in this chemical mixture is n-propyl acetate, which it’s primary purpose is to be used in solvents for the printing industry. It’s a good solvent for resins which are a part of the 80:20 Solvent Ink we offer. The other main ingredient is a chemical used in many other industries besides printing for products but is a chemical that resembles rubbing alcohol in its smell and is colorless.

All these key components come together to make up the 80:20 Ink Solvents and other ink solvents as well. Their environmentally friendly and sustainable nature makes them an attractive product for those who wish to make changes in the kinds of chemicals they are using to make their products.

If you would like to know more about the 80:20 Ink Solvent, including prices and bundles, contact us here.