Flexographic Solvent Blend 80:20

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Flexographic Solvent Blend 80:20  is a chemical solvent ink that is a Propyl blend of both N-Propanol and N-Propyl Acetate. A clear liquid ink that is combined with both resin and pigments to make up the vast majority of the ink but is diluted with a solvent that is 80:20 which is the ratio of solvent and solute in the blend. Our product that is 80:20 Ink Solvent is primarily used for two methods in the printing industry, Flexographic and Gravure printing.

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Flexographic Solvent Blend Qualities:

This solvent ink is special in printing products through bonding pigments better than other inks without solvent, giving time for pigments to settle and distribute on the printing material. 80:20 ink solvent evaporates two-times slower than other kinds of inks. You want the ink solvent to evaporate slower to give the pigment more time to distribute and when dried leaves developed products with more brightness, light refraction and can resist fading for up to seven years. This is why it is used in many products that could be left outside.

The two chemicals used in 80:20 Ink Solvent Propyl Acetate and Propanol are more sustainable products than Ethyl used in other ink solvents, this makes the 80:20 Ink Solvent a more sustainable and environmentally friendly ink solvent than others on the market.

N-Propyl Acetate is a main ingredient in flexographic printing inks so this chemical is an industry standard in solvent inks. Taking note to the safety sheets provided with this solvent ink are crucial. N-propyl acetate and propanol are both colorless liquids that smell and resemble rubbing alcohol. Resulting from this chemical make-up be sure to avoid getting it in the nose, throat and eyes to avoid hurting or irritating any of those areas.

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