Solvents For Flexographic Printing

Solvents For Flexographic Printing

What is Flexographic Printing?

Flexographic Printing is a process that is more complicated than that of Gravure Printing. In Gravure printing it is a simplistic process of printing between two rollers with the impression markers in it to print the material running through it. Flexographic printing has a few extra steps that include the two original rollers as well as an impression cylinder that presses against a plate cylinder and between them passes the material or product being printed. This way with flexographic printing there is a more efficient printing process taking place and makes for easier transfer of ink to the substrate.

As we have examined before, some inks use solvents in them to dilute the pigment and resin within them. This is so the pigment can distribute better, and consequently have quicker drying times. The process of flexographic printing uses some of the same ink solvents to print their materials. The ink for flexographic printing includes, additives, pigment, resin, and a solvent. 

What is Flexographic Printing Used For?

Due to the nature of Flexographic Printing, many types of printing can be done at once and of large quantities. For this reason, here are some of the most common uses of flexographic printing:

  • Pharmaceutical Labels
  • Grocery Labels/Products
  • School Supplies
  • Plastics
  • Box Printing

What Solvents Are Used in Flexographic Printing?

With solvent based ink’s you will find they tend to have ratios of 80:20 or 90:10 which is the ratio of solvent to ink to reduce surface tensions. There are many different types of solvents that could be involved with ink, these solvents are made up of acetates and alcohols:

  • Water
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Methoxy Propyl Acetate
  • Ethyl Alcohol-Ethyl Acetate

The purpose of these solvents is to all create different types of printing finishes for different materials from paper, plastic and other materials. 

How to Purchase Solvents?

There are a lot of different solvents to deal with, and that is where we are here to help! At BulkChemicals2Go we want to help you find the perfect solvent for your printing needs! For more information or other questions contact us today!