The Importance of Surface Cleaning in Awning Production Using MEK Solvents  

The Importance of Surface Cleaning in Awning Production Using MEK Solvents  

Awnings are important exterior structures that are installed outside both commercial and residential buildings. Contrary to what some might believe, they are installed for more than just decorative purposes. Installing an awning can provide many benefits, some of which can include:   

  • Keeping Windows Safe from Outside Elements  
  • Creating a Covered Outdoor Area for Seating  
  • Minimizing Heat  
  • Blocking Sunlight  
  • Reducing The Need for Air Conditioning  
  • Lessening Electrical Costs  

Since they are external structures, they are continuously exposed to various elements. Two of these include water and bird droppings. It is because of this that these external structures must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning and maintaining them regularly can prevent some of the following from affecting their abilities:  

  • Rusting  
  • Erosion  
  • Permanent Damage  

Additionally, when preparing an awning for paint or coating applications, it is necessary to choose the most ideal surface preparation methods and products. Doing this can ensure that things are compatible with the type of external structure you are preparing.  

What Products Should I Use to Clean My Awning?   

When simply cleaning off there are several elements that can suffice in effectively cleaning an awning   

Some of these elements are  

  • Dirt   
  • Debris  
  • Soap   
  • Water   

However, when dealing with stubborn stains, more aggressive solvents are required to effectively clean and prepare the surface.   

One great example of an ideal solvent for this is MEK solvents. These substances can be used to clean both metal and fabric awnings.   

Why Use MEK Solvents for Surface Preparation Methods?   

Due to its compatibility with various types of surfaces and strong degreasing properties, MEK is the go-to solvent for various cleaning applications. MEK solvents are also used to prepare surfaces for a new paint or coating job by effectively stripping old paints and coatings.   

Interested In Purchasing Some MEK Solvents?   

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