Surfactant 91-6 You and the Environment Will Stay Clean!

Surfactant 91-6 You and the Environment Will Stay Clean!

Surfactants can be used for many different purposes, varying from cleaning to industrial uses. The surfactant family has many compounds such as NP9, N94, and N95, but today we want to discuss the 91-6 surfactants. Below are a few ways a 91-6 surfactant can be used:

  • All Purpose – one use of 91-6 surfactant is as an all-purpose cleaner for different types of soaps. It is most familiar as a wetting agent/dispersant that is used to make sure the soap thoroughly gets into all nooks and crannies. It also works as a degreasing agent with low friction.
  • Household Cleaner – another use is as a household cleaner. It is one of the more common ingredients found in soaps, helps scrub out all the dirt and grime, and can also be used for metal polishing and rust removal. It’s also incredibly environmentally friendly, especially for marine life.
  • Detergent – another use is as a detergent. It can provide more foam when used as a soap, helping its detergency ability, along with emulsification. It’s used in paints, detergents, and degreasers and can be used the same as any other variation of 91-6.

Handling Surfactant 91-6

As always, safety and hazard requirements are vastly important. 91-6 is no more dangerous than other compounds of a similar scale, with the NFPA and HMS marking it with Health Hazard-2, Flammability-1, Instability-1, and Physical Hazards-1. There are no special requirements for it other than keeping it in the right storage and at the proper temperature. Direct contact should not be made with this compound, as it can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system and cause serious damage. This product should be kept away from all sources of fire, as it has light flammability. It should be disposed of correctly according to national guidelines.

Shopping for a Specific Surfactant?

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