Are Surfactants in Detergents?

Are Surfactants in Detergents?

When it comes to industrial cleaning procedures, “detergent” and “surfactant” are two words that you may hear quite often. Detergents are universally known as cleaning agents that effectively eliminate dirt and debris from a variety of surfaces and items. But what about surfactants? What are they, exactly, and are surfactants in detergents?   

If you have found yourself wondering about the answers to these questions, this is the blog post for you. Keep reading to learn about the relationship between surfactants and detergents!   

What Are Surfactants? 

Surfactants, also known as “surface-active agents”, are substances made up of molecules that contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic portions. The hydrophobic portions are repelled from water, whereas the hydrophilic portions are attracted to water. (Hydrophobic actually translates to “water-fearing”, and hydrophilic translates to “water-loving”!). Being both hydrophobic and hydrophilic allows surfactants to reduce the surface tension of water.  

Are Surfactants in Detergents? 

So, are surfactants in detergents? The answer is yes! In fact, a surfactant (or blend of surfactants) is often the main component of a detergent.  

The ability of surfactants to reduce water’s surface tension, as discussed above, helps to boost the detergent’s cleaning power. In addition, the hydrophobic portion of a surfactant is not only repelled from water- it is also attracted to grease, oil, and other types of contaminants, which allows it to remove them from surfaces.   

As you can see, surfactants in detergents are an important component in helping detergents to perform their necessary functions. 

Where to Purchase Surfactants 

We have now established that there are indeed surfactants in detergents. Wondering where you should go to purchase an industrial detergent that contains strong and powerful surfactants? BulkChemicals2Go is here to help! 

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To recap, the answer to the question “Are surfactants in detergents?” is yes. Not only are there surfactants in detergents, but they are generally the primary ingredient that allows detergents to function.  

Do you have additional questions about surfactants in detergents, such as whether your current detergent contains the best surfactants and other ingredients for your company’s operations? Our team would be happy to help. Contact BulkChemicals2Go today by filling out our online contact form