Thinning Adhesives for Awning Fabrication With MEK 

Thinning Adhesives for Awning Fabrication With MEK 

For decades, awnings have been used in both residential and commercial buildings. The reason behind this is due to their ability to block sunlight and protect windows from unwanted elements. In the past, these had been traditionally made of leather or canvas. Today, however, their production has significantly advanced. This has resulted in them now usually being made of either polyester or acrylic.   

Like any exterior building structure, awnings can quickly wear down and become damaged by various elements. Some of these can include:  

  • Water  
  • Weather   
  • Rust  
  • Mold  

It is because of this that they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. It is also necessary for them to be properly installed to prevent potential damage and the costs for them.  

How Do I Make Sure That My Awning Is Properly Cleaned?  

To make sure that yours is properly taken care of, here are some tips on how to go about it:  

  • Avoid aggressive tools (like pressure washers), since they can damage the Fabric.  
  • For minor cleaning, avoid any elements that promote stains  
  • Utilize mold or grease to clear away stubborn stains  

What Can Be Used to Repair a Torn Awning?   

Adhesives are commonly used in this production and repairs. When it is necessary to fix a canvas tear, they are perfect for preventing additional costs on fabric replacement.  

Is It Necessary to Add a Thinner to An Adhesive?   

Adding a thinner to an adhesive is not always necessary, but doing so can provide multiple benefits. These can include but are not limited to.  

  • A Reduction in Curing Time   
  • Easier Application    
  • An Enhanced Performance   

What Solvent Should I Use for Thinning Adhesives?   

MEK is a highly effective thinning solvent, and can be used for some of the following:  

  • Thin Adhesives  
  • Paints  
  • Lacquers  

The strength and high boiling point that a MEK possesses make it the ideal solvent for synthetic awning production.   

Interested In Purchasing Some Solvents?  

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