What are Chemical Grades?

What are Chemical Grades?

Do You Want to Learn About Chemical Grades?

If you work in an industry that frequently uses chemicals, you may have heard the term “chemical grades”. Chemical grades separate chemicals based on purity, and they exist to help scientists and researchers know what reagents can and cannot be applied for. This blog post will go over the 7 most common chemical grades from highest to lowest purity.

The 7 Chemical Grades

  1. ACS Grade: ACS grade chemicals meet or surpass the purity guidelines delineated by the American Chemical Society (ACS). They are safe for food, drug, and laboratory use, and they are 95%-100% pure.
  2. Reagent Grade: Reagent grade chemicals are essentially identical to ACS grade chemicals. They may be utilized for the same functions as ACS-grade chemicals, and they are also at least 95% pure.
  3. USP Grade: USP grade chemicals meet or surpass the purity standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Like the first two chemical grades, they are safe for a range of food, drug, and laboratory uses. However, before applying a USP grade chemical for particular use in the laboratory, the USP guidelines should be reviewed to ensure that it is suitable for that application.
  4. NF Grade: NF grade chemicals meet or surpass the purity requirements set by the National Formulary (NF). The NF works with the USP to publish the USP-NF, a book of standards for chemicals. Some chemicals may meet the USP’s standards but not the NF’s standards, and vice versa, but there is a great deal of overlap between the two.
  5. Laboratory Grade: Unlike the above chemical grades, laboratory-grade chemicals are not safe for food or drug use. Instead, they are generally used in educational settings, such as university laboratories.
  6. Purified Grade: Purified grade chemicals do not have a specific definition- they simply include all chemicals that are unsuitable for food and drug usage.
  7. Technical Grade: Technical grade chemicals, like the 5th and 6th chemical grades, may not be used for food or drug applications. However, they are excellent for commercial and industrial uses.

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