What Are Chemical Vendors?

What Are Chemical Vendors?

The chemical industry is a booming business that consists of multiple different factions ranging from design to delivery. Just like in any other industry in the world, there are the brains, the muscle, and all the parts in between. A quick Google of “chemical vendors near me” will display a plethora of companies ready to package or sell you a product, but how does this group fit into the designing, manufacturing, and distribution process? In this article, we’ll discuss the different facets of manufacturing and pinpoint the jobs and responsibilities of chemical vendors to determine what they really do.

Supply Chain of the Chemical Industry

  1. Raw Materials: The necessary chemicals needed to design a certain product are resourced. Next, the supplier either buys the raw materials, or the supplier and the raw materials producer are one and the same.
  1. Supplier: The supplier supplies the chemicals to a manufacturer who will produce the desired products.
  1. Manufacturing: The manufacturer and the supplier may either be the same company, or a different one. After the manufacturer creates the products, they need to be distributed.
  1. Distribution: The distributors take the newly packaged products to large retail stores or companies that have bought them in bulk.
  1. Customer: Big box stores or other companies buy the products in bulk and stock them in their stores, ready to sell to consumers.
  1. Consumer: Consumers either come in the form of everyday shoppers or companies looking to buy wholesale. Either way, the consumer buys the product for use. The product has now reached the end of the supply chain and successfully made it into the hands of the consumer.

Chemical Vendors Explained

So where do vendors come into play?

This group is a link throughout the supply chain process. Vendors are the people who sell products to companies or individuals. After the manufacturing of the product, this group will find the companies who are looking to sell the manufactured product to other people, and the vendors will sell it to said companies. For example, large retailers often rely on these types of suppliers to stock their stores with products to sell to consumers.

Vendors also can also be the link between the raw materials and the suppliers, or the supplier and the manufacturer. Basically, chemical vendors are the people who sell goods to another company or individual. Some companies are their own suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc., while others are not. Either way, vendors keep the supply chain flowing.

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