What Are Commercial Grade Chemicals?

What Are Commercial Grade Chemicals?

Chemicals are necessary for the manufacturing of products in several industries ranging from the medical industry to the beauty industry. While you may be aware that chemists consider some more toxic than others, you may be surprised to learn that there are many different categories that chemists classify chemicals under that aren’t solely based on toxicity. ‘Commercial grade chemicals’ is not a name of one of these categories, but it does fall under one. In this article, we’ll analyze the 7 main classifications of chemicals, what it means for them to be commercial, and where your company can buy them in bulk. 

7 Different Chemical Grades 

Here are the seven different classifications of chemical grades based on the chemical’s purity, reactivity, and intended uses: 

  • ACS  
  • Reagent 
  • USP 
  • NF  
  • Laboratory  
  • Purified 
  • Technical

Since the purpose of this article is to determine what commercial chemicals are, we’re only going to be analyzing the category it falls under: technical.  

Technical grade chemicals are high-quality substances that are mainly used for industrial and commercial purposes, hence nicknaming the substances in this categorization, “commercial.” These substances contain varying levels of impurities and are not an ideal choice for use in indigestible products. The main purpose of them is for industrial uses, therefore manufacturers tend to sell them in bulk quantities to companies that require large amounts for their product production or other operations. 

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