What Are Different Types of Fine Chemicals?

What Are Different Types of Fine Chemicals?

What Are Fine Chemicals?

In the industry, there are two chemical types, bulk, and fine. Bulk is the mass-produced, widely needed chemicals that are easier to make and are essential to getting anything done. Fine chemicals are more complex, being refined mixes and balances that take more time to produce and every company will have a different mixture needed. These complex chemicals are sorted into groups for what they will go on to produce

What Are The Differences? 

These defined groups of chemicals are: 

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients is the group that will be used in medicinal drugs and general medical use.  
  • Biocides are the chemicals that will go on to be used in pesticides and herbicides, or other pest and weed management products. 
  • Specialty chemicals are the broadest group as they are used for anything from ceramics to glass, to disinfectants and plastics. 
  • Knowing what you want to make with the chemicals helps narrow the field of what kind may be best for you. 

Getting your hands on any chemicals related to the listed groups can be hard, however, as the production is not only much more time-consuming but also more labor-intensive, as they require special knowledge and supervision to be mixed properly into the final product. This also expands into how not every company will make a chemical the same way, and they will create their own individual mixes that would effectively do the same thing. These chemicals are also always changing and being developed, as with each passing day more green or sustainable alternatives are being developed. 

Looking For What You Need? 

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