What Are Food Grade Chemicals?

What Are Food Grade Chemicals?

Chemicals are critical components of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. They are present in many of the goods we buy and use including, but not limited to, cleaning supplies, medicines, makeup, and even what we eat and drink. The ones in our food, medicines, and other ingestible materials are what chemists brand, “food grade chemicals.” But what makes a chemical so? 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what this classification of substances is, give examples of popular ones on the market, and even help you find a great place to buy them.  

The Meaning of Food-Grade 

The term, “food-grade,” refers to a general categorization of chemicals. Basically, it means that the substances within this category are safe for living beings to ingest when manufacturers add it in small amounts to edible materials. Generally, no negative side effects occur if the manufacturer follows the correct chemical formulations when creating the products. 

Manufacturers include these additives in food and beverages for a variety of reasons. They may include them to… 

  • Add flavor 
  • Alter the texture 
  • Alter the consistency 
  • Increase the longevity  

Examples of Ingestible Chemicals 

Since these types of substances are quite common in everyday food and beverage products. Let’s take a look at some:  

  • Citric Acid – Manufacturers tend to add this to canned or jarred items to help preserve the shelf life. It is also used to alter the flavor of certain food and beverage products. 
  • Acetone – This substance is present in many pharmaceutical drugs and is an important aspect in denatured ethanol. 
  • Hydrochloric Acid – Manufacturers use this as an additive to products intended for consumption to adjust the pH of the edible substance. 
  • Glycerol – This additive acts as a sweetener and a preservative in edible materials. This sugar substitute is what manufacturers use in commercial products such as cookies and other baked goods. It also is the thickening agent found in most liqueurs.  
  • Calcium Carbonate – This mineral is used as a supplement in substances such as dried fruits, cereals, frozen items, and processed animal products. It helps preserve, while also adding calcium to edible materials to help supplement the lack of calcium we receive in our diets. 

Looking to Buy Food Grade Chemicals? 

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