What Are Technical Grade Chemicals?

What Are Technical Grade Chemicals?

Technical Grade Chemicals Explained

Technical Grade chemicals are one of the seven categories that chemists use to classify substances based on their purity and capability. The ‘technical’ category refers to chemicals that contain impurities and are intended for industrial and commercial uses. Chemists consider these substances ‘impure’ since they may contain a small number of other substances, and for this reason cannot be considered ‘pure.’  

However, suppliers sell these chemicals in bulk due to how easy they are to manufacture, and therefore are a great option for commercial companies that need large quantities of specific substances.  

Since these types of substances may contain varying amounts of other chemicals, they are not normally used for food or ingestible products. 

To summarize, here are a few of the characteristics of these commercial-grade solutions, as well as some examples of common ones on the market: 

  • Purity:  not pure 
  • Food-grade: No 
  • Intended purpose: commercial and industrial use 
  • Examples: nonionic surfactants, aluminum sulfate, ammonium chloride, etc. 

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