What Chemical Grade Is Least Pure?

What Chemical Grade Is Least Pure?

Curious About Chemical Grades?

In order to learn what the least pure chemical grade is, first we must define chemical grades in general. Chemical grades are used by chemical manufacturers and scientists to categorize chemicals based on their purity. The higher the chemical grade, the higher the level of impurities present in a chemical. There are 7 chemical grades:

  1. ACS Grade
  2. Reagent Grade
  3. USP Grade
  4. NF Grade
  5. Laboratory Grade
  6. Purified Grade
  7. Technical Grade

As you can see from this ranking, the least pure chemical grade is technical grade. But is purity necessarily correlated with effectiveness? Keep reading to find out!

Why Use the Least Pure Chemical Grade?

As the least pure chemical grade, technical grade chemicals do not require as much processing as those that are characterized as one of the purer chemical grades. Thus, they are generally less expensive than purer chemicals.

However, this is not the only benefit of the least pure chemical grade. Technical grade chemicals are excellent for industrial and commercial applications, since these operations do not often necessitate an extremely high level of purity. Industrial and commercial businesses also tend to use chemicals in bulk sizes, which makes technical grade chemicals’ low cost a valuable feature. Additionally, technical grade chemicals can be used for qualitative operations in laboratories.

Why Avoid the Least Pure Chemical Grade?

Unfortunately, there are certain applications for which the least pure chemical grade is simply unsafe to use. Technical grade chemicals should not be utilized in the production of drugs or food. In addition, because the exact percentage of impurities that a technical grade chemical contains may be uncertain, they cannot be used in laboratories where exact measurements and calculations are critical.

Where to Find the Least Pure Chemical Grade

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you have discovered that the least pure chemical grade is not necessarily the least helpful! Are you looking for technical grade chemicals to use for industrial or commercial purposes? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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