What Chemicals Are Used in Electronics?

What Chemicals Are Used in Electronics?

Chemicals & Electronics Process 

Imagine you are on a sunny beach with a cool breeze and sand between your toes. Take a second and look a little closer at that sand, and you can see the small crystal-like parts. In these parts lies one of the most vital elements that is used to make technology: Silicon.  

The element Silicon is used in many modern technology applications. As a semiconductor, Silicon is able to create transistors which are the root of electronics from radios, to televisions, and even phones. Other materials that are used to make electronics are germanium, and gallium arsenide.  

The importance of silicon lies heavily with the chemicals that are used to clean, shape, and manufacture it. To manufacture the silicon crystals that make up integrated circuits (ICs) in technology there are many chemicals used to ensure that the crystals form the correct shape which is referred to as a “wafer”. The wafer is cut from the ingot or solid piece of silicon. This wafer shape enables the electric conductivity of this semiconductor element.  

Chemicals used in Electronics 

  • Hydrogen chloride 
  • Ammonium Chloride 
  • Ammonia  

These chemicals are used mostly to remove the impurities in those elements and produce the wafer shape that is used for technology. Because this cutting process is usually done with a laser, the wafer is ground and shaped to remove the sharp edges. It is after this process that the wafer is chemically “etched” causing the damage from the grinding to be removed.  

Other chemicals used in the manufacturing process consist of solvents, etchants, acids, and bases which are used to “wet process” semiconductors. Wet processing is a part of wafer processing that uses specific chemicals to clean, purify, and etch the wafer shape.  

  • Sulfuric Acid  
  • Isopropyl alcohol  
  • Ammonium-hydroxide 
  • Nitric Acid 
  • Phosphoric acid 

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