What Commodities are Used in Semiconductors?

What Commodities are Used in Semiconductors?

Semiconductors require a lot of help from commodities. Commodity chemicals are crucial in the sustaining and creation of semiconductors and their many parts and pieces. We are here to break down how semiconductors work, and the many commodities that go into providing uses to semiconductors!

Semiconductors: A background 

There are a few points when it comes to the conduction of electricity. These are referred to as insulators (blocking electrical current), conductors (conducting all electrical current), and semiconductors.   

Semiconductors help generate the flow of electricity in electronics. Unlike conductors, which generate a full flow of electricity, semiconductors are more selective in choosing their electricity which is why they are so useful for electronics. Their selectiveness is also what allows them to create smaller and more efficient technologies. Some examples of the technology that uses semiconductors include what vibrates your smartphone or lights up your tablet, laptop, or TV.  

As a fundamental component of many electronic devices, the importance of semiconductors relies on their discerning abilities to conduct electricity through their environment.  

Semiconductor Elements

The commodities used in semiconductors are the raw material that is purchased or sold to assist with the manufacturing of technology. It is rare or pure earth elements that produce this electrical conduction. Rare-earth/ pure elements are extracted from the earth and then purified in the creation of electronics. These elements are metallic, which means that they resemble metals but are not quite the same. A few qualities of metallics are their shiny/cluster-like appearance, resistance to heat, and electrical conductivity.  

Although these elements are a huge part of the development of modern technology, using elements such as lead, mercury, and other flame retardants can be hazardous to the environment. This point is why it is important to produce the use of non-toxic solutions when dealing with electronics. 

Commodities Used in Semiconductors

While knowing what elements help make semiconductors, it is also crucial to know what solvents can be used to help semiconductors work properly! Semiconductors undergo chemical treatments, in which solvents are used in those processes.

Some common commodity solvents used are:

  • Trichloroethylene
  • Acetone
  • Isopropanol
  • Denatured alcohol

Applications of these solvents during the creation and use of semiconductors are cleaning, degreasing, and removal of residual resins.

Where to find Commodities for Semiconductors?

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