What Do Surfactants Do In Herbicides?

What Do Surfactants Do In Herbicides?

Surfactants are essential for herbicide application and help the chemicals in the herbicide stick to the plant and take effect. Without a surfactant, weed control products are not as powerful in getting rid of pesky plants spreading across your lawn, garden, or even in the crevices of your driveway. But what is it about surfactants that make them the perfect partner to herbicides? Read on to learn more.

What is a Surfactant?

A “surface-active agent,” also known as a surfactant, is a compound used as a chemical additive in liquids to reduce surface tension. In other words, the surfactant helps the wetting and spreading properties of the chemical mixed with it. The molecules within this compound act as an emulsifying agent when they come in contact with a liquid, and create a buffer between the chemicals and the surface, promoting chemical penetration and extension. This compound is not for solo use but works best when combined with other liquids such as fertilizers, herbicides, and other weed killers.

What do Surfactants do in Herbicides?

If you’ve ever noticed that an herbicide doesn’t kill all of the weeds you’ve sprayed, then it’s a good indicator that you need to add a surfactant. Spraying a combination of a surfactant and liquid herbicide onto the plant will allow the solution to stick onto the leaves—even ones that are wax-like and deter water and other liquids. With the herbicide now firmly in place, the chemicals disperse onto the plant and do their job. Using a surfactant in liquid weed-killing products ensures that you get the most out of your chemical solution.

Best times to use a surfactant in an herbicide:

  • Your weeds seem unkillable even after spraying them with an herbicide
  • The plant has waxy or thick leaves
  • You want to rid of pesky weeds fast & effectively

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