What is a Closed Loop Water Treatment System?

What is a Closed Loop Water Treatment System?

A closed-loop indicates there is no external input into the system. In the case of water treatment, a closed loop is when no additional water enters the system during operation; the water only circulates in the system preserving volume and quality and increasing efficiency. On occasion, a small amount of fresh water is added to maintain the status of a closed-loop system. Chemicals are used in the system to help control corrosion, minimize mineral deposits, and limit microbiological growth.  

Why chemically treat water?  

Water systems need to be treated to prevent system damage and promote efficiency.  

Corrosion inhibitors used in water treatment can help prevent the corrosion of piping and increase the lifespan of the system. Pitting is also a concern in a stagnant, slow-flowing system. Pitting is localized corrosion causing small pinholes in the pipes causing the integrity of the system to decrease. By using corrosion inhibitors, the system is more likely to be in service longer.  

Mineral deposits pose another problem in systems with heat transfer. Natural minerals in the water can precipitate once the temperature of the water changes and the mineral is no longer soluble. These deposits can decrease the heat transfer efficiency even with a small layer of deposition.  

Microbiological activity increases in a closed-loop system compared to an open system. As the water circulates through the system, the conditions and chemicals are ideal for specific microorganisms to grow. These levels need to be monitored to ensure the water is at appropriate microbiological levels.  

A closed-loop system allows for the addition of chemicals less frequently than open-loop systems while still combating the corrosion, deposition, and microbiological issues.  

Advantage of a Closed Loop System  

Compared to an open-loop system which continuously adds and removes water, the closed-loop system has the following advantages:  

  1. Reduces the amount of water treatment chemicals needed  
  2. Decreases horsepower needed for pumping  
  3. Decreases the maintenance required  

Looking for Water Treatment Chemicals? 

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