What is Soy Methyl Ester?

What is Soy Methyl Ester?

Soy Methyl Ester Definition 

Have you heard about soy methyl ester, but are not sure what it is or how it is used? Then this is the blog post for you! We will begin with a basic definition of soy methyl ester, then discuss some of its most well-known uses.  

Soy methyl ester, also called methyl soyate, is the product that is created when soy oil esters, which are derived from the soybean plant, undergo transesterification. Transesterification is the process in which a glyceride is allowed to react with an alcohol, such as methanol or ethanol, as well as an acid or base catalyst. This forms a fatty acid alkyl ester and different alcohol. The fatty acid alkyl ester that results from soy oil is soy methyl ester.  

Soy Methyl Ester Uses  

The soy methyl ester is an ingredient in many products and possesses a wide range of uses. Some of these uses include:   

  • Biodiesel – Soy methyl ester is popular biodiesel; in fact, it is the most popular biodiesel in the United States! Initial research on tailpipe emissions suggests that soy methyl ester emits fewer carcinogens than some other common biodiesels. It is also more widely available than some biodiesels and is, therefore, less expensive.  
  • Oil Spill Cleanup – Biodiesel is not the only environmentally friendly application of soy methyl ester- it is also a part of the EPA’s National Contingency Plan for oil spill cleanup. It has been employed in the recovery of shorelines where crude oil, such as petroleum, has been spilled.   
  • Solvent – Soy methyl ester has a slow evaporation rate, which makes it a perfect solvent candidate. Thus, it can be utilized in numerous types of products that typically include a solvent, such as degreasers, paint and ink removers, industrial cleaners, paints, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, emulsifiers, and many more! In these products, it can take the place of more hazardous solvents, like toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methylene chloride, petroleum naphtha, and trichloroethylene. Furthermore, unlike many of the solvents listed above, soy methyl ester is biodegradable and non-flammable.  

Looking for Products?  

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