What is Technical Grade in Chemistry?

What is Technical Grade in Chemistry?

What Are Chemical Grades?

Chemical grades are standards that exist to communicate the number of impurities present in chemicals though technical grade chemicals are involved with it as well. Impurities include substances such as water, other chemicals, and metals. Typically, chemicals are categorized into one of seven chemical grades. From highest to lowest purity, the chemical grades are:

  1. ACS Grade
  2. Reagent Grade
  3. USP Grade
  4. NF Grade
  5. Laboratory Grade
  6. Purified Grade
  7. Technical Grade

Technical grade chemicals are ranked last on this list, which means they contain a higher percentage of impurities than chemicals under the other six grades. However, that does not mean they are completely useless or ineffective- they are actually perfect for certain functions. To learn about the uses of technical grade chemicals, read on!

Technical Grade Chemicals: Uses

Technical grade chemicals are generally <90% pure, which means they are composed of at least 10% impurities. Due to this characteristic, they are best used in areas where strict purity standards do not exist, such as industrial and commercial operations. They may also be used for inexact laboratory functions, such as dissolving and rinsing, as well as for educational purposes, like science fair projects.

One of the main benefits of technical grade chemicals is that they are usually inexpensive. This is because they contain a somewhat high percentage of impurities, so they are not as demanding to produce as chemicals under the other chemical grades.

Technical Grade Chemicals: Warnings

It is important to note that technical grade chemicals are unsuitable for some functions. Their level of impurities makes them unsafe to use in the production of food and pharmaceuticals- instead, ACS grade, reagent grade, USP grade, or NF grade chemicals should be utilized to manufacture these products. Additionally, technical grade chemicals should not be used in laboratories where extremely precise measurements are crucial because their impurities will cause these measurements to be faulty.

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