What is the Difference Between Fine and Heavy Chemicals?

Within the chemical industry there are two main groups of chemicals: fine chemicals and heavy chemicals, sometimes called bulk chemicals. These chemical types have different uses in the industry but both are of equal importance to the companies that use them. 

What Are Fine Chemicals?

Fine chemicals are chemicals that can only be produced in small amounts. They tend to have complex production processes which will take up a lot of time: some of these steps can include things such as the use of biotechnology, chemical synthesis, and hydrolysis.

They are often the results of some kind of product combination, a fine balance of other elements that need to be handled with care in order to get the best-desired outcome product. A lot of these fine chemicals go on to be used in medicines, pigments, and additives.

These chemicals are essential building blocks to any product. It is not uncommon for individual companies to have their own custom orders of these chemicals to suit their specific products. The manufacturing companies that work to produce these chemicals for the industry are key players in making sure the market remains stable and in constant production. 

What Are Heavy Chemicals?

Heavy chemicals on the other hand can be made in incredibly large quantities, by comparison, hence the bulk chemical name alternative. They take a shorter time to produce than fine chemicals and the companies that manufacture them are in a constant state of production in order to produce a large enough amount to keep the global cost low.

If costs were to rise, then the whole industry, and by extension, the market they produce for would have a resource shortage and prices would skyrocket. While not as individualized as their counterparts, they are just as important in the process of building up products. 

No chemical in the industry could exist without the other, nor could any manufacturer function at full potential. There are plenty of manufacturers out there that make chemicals specific to individual orders and are happy to produce any products you may be looking to use. 

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