Why Is It Important to Clean Aircraft?

Why Is It Important to Clean Aircraft?

Cleaning is an important part of any job, though for some it feels much more important than others. Take car maintenance, for example, a dirty car is not only uncomfortable to drive but leaving it unattended could be hiding damages or safety hazards. Aircraft cleaning is no different and it is treated as an important part of regular aircraft maintenance. 

How Does It Impact Maintenance to Clean Aircraft? 

A clean aircraft can make all the difference in noticing an accident waiting to happen or not. Dirt and grime can conceal cracks in all parts of the plane, which is an immediate hazard to the standard safety the industry abides by. Dirt or grease on moveable parts of the plane can cause excessive wear and damage, and while it might not seem like it, the grime can even end up adding weight and reducing flight speed as well. 

How Do They Keep Things Clean? 

Like many other industries, there are countless methods and products that the aerospace industry uses to help keep things clean depending on the materials, conditions, and if it is internal or external. 

  • Solvents, emulsion cleaners, synthetic detergents, and soaps are the most common kinds of cleaners used. The former two are used for heavy-duty grease and grime removal, while the latter two are the most commonly used as they are for light-duty grime.  
  • External cleaning is the cleansing of the moveable parts, dealing with any external corrosion, and also polishing to restore paints and do the final once over after the rest of the craft has been cleaned. 
  • Interior cleaning also handles corrosion developing on the inside of the craft and handling any moisture or dissimilar metal contact that can cause electrolytic corrosion. This part also includes cleaning the cabins and passenger seating to help keep the flight as enjoyable as possible. 

Looking to Clean Aircraft? 

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