How Does A Emulsifier Function In Chemicals? 

How Does A Emulsifier Function In Chemicals? 

Chemicals, simply put, are diverse liquids that can produce an abundance of results. These liquids, due to what they can provide, are sought out by multiple industries. However, what can an emulsifier do for these essential and profitable combinations of elements? An emulsifier’s function in chemicals is to keep their compounds from separating. 

The Purpose 

Now that you know its function, you must understand why it acts as it does. Why does it have to keep the compounds inside of these versatile liquids from separating? 

The answer to this is rather simple. This particular agent is used on compounds or substances that are in strict opposition to one another. Two of these substances that this agent often has to keep together are oil and water. It can accomplish this by utilizing kinetic energy (energy that is in motion). 

Through this ability, substances can contribute to your business and others! 

What We Have To Offer 

Here at BulkChemicals2Go, we possess two emulsifiers by another name for your industrial needs. Our two products are defined as surfactants, one class of this specific agent, Surfactants are designed to break down various impurities and dissolve the opposition between contrasting substances. The two surfactants that we have to give are our BROSURF N95/NP9 and SURFACTANT 91-6 


This surfactant is water-based in its makeup and can contribute to the following: 

  • Cleaning 
  • Observing Errors 
  • Helping In Chemical Reactions 

It is also unique in the fact that it can treat processed fabrics. 

This can be brought for the price of $1360.00. 


This surfactant is very diverse in its makeup, being able to be used for the following applications: 

  • Solubilizing Compounds 
  • Wetting 
  • Degreasing  
  • Dispersing  

It is also unique in the fact that it does not bring about any pollutants. However, this does come at the cost of it being harmful to marine life. 

This can be bought for the price of $1350.00. 

Want To Learn More? 

Then you look no further than us. Here at Bulk2GoChemicals, we offer two essential components to make your industry thrive. A variety of diverse chemical products and the knowledge to use them effectively. If you would like to reach out to our staff, we can be found here. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us today, we are here to help!