Biofilm Buster 55 gallon

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Biofilm Buster is a water treatment solution used to remove biofilms in cooling towers, air wash systems, and other recirculating water systems.

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Biofilm Buster is an alkaline solution that appears light yellow in color. It primarily consists of potassium diethyldithiocarbamate at 10% to 25% by concentration. Biofilm Buster removes biofilms and other debris in recirculation water systems and works best in systems with a pH between 6 and 8.8.

Safety Data Sheet

Biofilm Buster Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Low reactivity
  • Available in bulk sizes

Biofilm Buster Applications:

  • Biofilm is a solution used to treat water in recirculating water systems such as cooling towers and air wash systems. The water systems must be cleansed of accumulations, such as algae and microbial slime, with an EPA-registered cleaner, then drained and filled with clean water prior to using the Biofilm Buster.
  • For the initial dos, Biofilm Buster should be used at a concentration of 30-60 ppm or 3-6 fluid ounces per 1,000 gallons of water. After the first dose, the Biofilm Buster maintenance dose is administered at a rate of 1-6 fluid ounces per 1,000 gallons of water about every 1-5 days. Slug feeding Biofilm Buster in one large dose is preferable to smaller, intermittent doses.

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