Preventing Scale & Corrosion in Cooling Water Systems

Preventing Scale & Corrosion in Cooling Water Systems

Scale and corrosion in cooling water systems can cause the system to be less efficient and potentially create equipment problems if not treated for. Scale formation in water systems can introduce three main issues:

  1. Decreasing heat transfer
  2. Reducing water flow
  3. Causing high head pressure

Corrosion can also cause issues in cooling water systems. Corrosion is an electrochemical oxidation process that can affect the metal used in the system. The two issues that can arise from corrosion in water cooling systems include:

  1. Equipment failure
  2. Decreased system efficiency due to a loss of heat transfer (corrosion products on the metals decreases the efficiency of the system)

Preventing Scale and Corrosion

Preventing scale and corrosion from occurring in the system is the best way to protect water systems from experiencing inefficiencies. Luckily, Bulk Chemicals 2 Go offers three possible chemicals to help prevent scale and corrosion in your systems:

Quick Descaler

To produce the best results of descaling recirculating water cooling systems, 0.5-1 gallon of Quick Descaler should be used per 100 gallons and the system needs to maintain a pH below 3 until scaling is complete. Once complete, the system can be flushed and rinsed.

Boiler Wash

Boiler Wash can be used to remove scale, corrosion, oil, grease, and rust from closed loop water cooling systems

Used at a rate of 1 gallon per 1,000 gallons of water, Boiler Wash should be circulated through the system with bleed valves closed for 1-2 hours. Once 1-2 hours pass, the lower bleed valves may be opened to begin draining the dirty solution.

Boiler & Cooler Waterguard

Consisting primarily of bases, corrosion inhibitors, and a pH indicator, Boiler & Cooler Waterguard can be used to prevent corrosion, rust, and scale buildup in closed-loop water systems.

The total amount of chemical used can be calculated using (0.6 x total system volume in gallons = number of ounces of Boiler & Cooler Waterguard). The nitrite level in the system should be maintained at 1,000-1,500ppm.

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