Best Solvent For Flexo Printing 

Best Solvent For Flexo Printing 

Solvents, simply put, are chemicals that can create various solutions through the act of dissolving. From these versatile substances, industries can produce many essential and beneficial results. One such result that is made possible through solvents is flexo printing. The best solvent for this that we have to offer is Flexographic Solvent Blend 80:20. 

What Makes Flexo Printing? 

Before we can discuss the greatest product for this method, you must first be familiar with what sets it apart. This method is not new but has been greatly developed over time. Yet do not let its age deter you. It is regarded and documented as a very swift and efficient method. This process is also considered ideal for long printing runs. It does not utilize an ordinary printing plate but a flexible one, allowing it to adapt to a diverse amount of materials. Some of these materials include but are not limited to: 

  • Plastic 
  • Pape 
  • Metal 

In addition to these materials, this method also can utilize a sizable amount of inks. These inks can include but are not limited to those that are: 

  • Oil-Based 
  • Water-Based 
  • Ultraviolet (UV)-Based 

Flexographic Solvent Blend 80:20 

This unique and intricate product involves the blending of these two substances, N-Proponal and N-Propyl Acetate. It then continues by presenting itself as a mixed and clear liquid. Being a mix of various resins and pigments to further its results. The combination contains more of the solvent rather than the solute (the smaller contributor to the solution). The ratio is 80:20, as in eighty percent of the former and twenty percent of the latter. 

Although it contributes greatly to the flexographic method, this is not its only use. This powerful blend also can be used for the Gravure method. 

This product, coming in a 55 Gallon Drum, is offered for $1375.00. 

Want To Learn More About Solvents? 

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